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DIY Collage Pack

$16.95 CAD

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Create your own creative and surreal collages with these thoughtfully put together DIY Collage Pack!


These kits are perfect for anyone who wants to collage but is unsure where to start; someone who wants to play with collage but doesn't have stacks of magazines and intriguing paper goods lying around; and for anyone who wants to attend my  collage workshops/do my e-course and is in need of some materials to do so!

This listing is for ONE surprise pack of assorted but hand-selected collage materials.

DIY collage packs include a selection of collage-able goods such as: 

 - cool, colourful, and/or vintage paper 

- magazine clippings (some pre-cut to shape, some left untrimmed) both contemporary and vintage 

- vintage paper goods such a travel post cards, letterheads, etc. 

- misc. collage-able elements 

- a base card to collage onto. 


DIY collage packs do NOT include: glue or scissors, which are recommended materials to use with this kit.

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