Feeling disconnected from your inner world? Want to get clear on your creative voice & aesthetic?

Anthropology of Your Inner World is a deep dive into our inner worlds, using collage, curiosity, and play to gain clarity on what your inner world is trying to tell you, and how to translate it through any creative medium!

 This course is designed for any and all creatives looking to gain a better understanding of their inner worlds and how to translate it into their work.

Follow along with video modules at your own pace, teaching you how to use the process of collage to uncover, discover, and have fun exploring your inner world!

Lean into a spirit of play with a mixture of structured prompts, and plenty of freedom to follow the creative activities wherever they take you.

Gain insight into my collage process, including my favourite tips and tricks for collaging, as I guide you in discovering your own collage style (and thus, your style in any other creative work you do!)

Collage is a magical medium. 

The images already exist, so no matter your "visual art skills", collage is waiting, ready for you to dive right in! This accessibility makes collage a joyful mode of self-expression, and a useful tool to help you discover all the juicy, wonderful things that exist in your inner world! 

This course will give you the tools to explore your inner world as it exists today, but also to continue exploring your inner world as it shifts and evolves with you over time. 

There are two ways to take this course:

- Access to all 5 modules & intro video for self-directed learning 

- PDF of all worksheets and "bonus" exercises

- Access to the AOYIW Slack to share your results, questions, thoughts, and connect with the AOYIW community!

- First chance to join future group experiences if you decide to take it later on 



Limited spots available - sign up TODAY! 

- Move through the modules in a 5 week, guided course alongside another group of creatives!

- Five  zoom calls to introduce and go over module content together

- Access to all 5 video modules

- PDF of all worksheets and "bonus" exercises!

- Access to the AOYIW Slack to share your results, questions, thoughts, and connect with the AOYIW community! + Dedicated slack channel for just your cohort for the guided course


Note: If you purchase the modules and later decide you want to join an upcoming session of the guided course, you'll be the first to find out about scheduled dates and a chance to join us!

and yes, I DO vigorously talk with my hands throughout!

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